2021 NOPI Virtual International Competition Winners

Listen to the Complete Playlist of Winners Here

Junior A Category (9-12 y/o)

First Place

Nandin Otgonbayar (Mongolia) - View Performance 

Rosabelle Shi (United States) - View Performance 

Second Place

Olivia Li (United States) - View Performance 

Timothy Yang (United States) - View Performance 

Third Place

Victoria Marie Ramos (United States)  - View Performance 

Wai Hei Ray Wong (China) - View Performance 

Amin-Erdene Zorigtbaatar (Mongolia) - View Performance 

Honorable Mention

Ariunbat Batchuluun (Mongolia)

Sorkhogtan Byambabayar (Mongolia)

Junior B Category (13-15 y/o)

First Place

Zhong An Feng (Hong Kong, China) - View Performance 

Second Place

Brandon Luo (United States) - View Performance 

Third Place

Justin Sun (United States) - View Performance 

Thao Nguyen Nguyen (Vietnam) - View Performance 

Senior Category (16-18 y/o)

First Place

Sophia Si (United States) - View Performance 

Second Place

Jeslyn Cai (United States) - View Performance 

Yuni Lee (United States) - View Performance 

Third Place

Nathan Jiang (United States) - View Performance  

Sunny Wang (United States) - View Performance 

Honorable Mention

Kwanwoo Lee (United States)

Young Artist Category (19-27 y/o)

First Place

Chang Li (China) - View Performance    

Second Place

Ben Mader (United States) - View Performance   

Amir Siraj (United States) - View Performance  

Third Place

Jiachen Li (China) - View Performance  

David Mach (United States) - View Performance   

Honorable Mention

Kaja Mandic Plavsic (Serbia)

Yian Wang (China)

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